The Scout – A Rare 2/2 Home Find

The Scout – A Rare 2/2 Home Find

“The Scout” is not just a property; it’s the future setting of countless memories in a home designed with meticulous attention to detail. From the sturdiness of engineered truss rafters to the spaciousness created by 8-foot sidewalls, “The Scout” elevates residential architecture to new heights. The home’s exterior walls and floor joists are constructed with precision, ensuring a robust foundation for your family’s sanctuary. Coated with durable FomeCor sheathing and finished with a nailed shingle application, your home is a fortress against nature’s whims. Inside, you’ll find the luxurious touch of residential knockdown ceilings and the reliability of PEX pipe water lines, setting the stage for a home that’s as practical as it is beautiful.

Aesthetic Exteriors Meet Energy Efficiency

“The Scout” is a testament to aesthetic beauty and practical design, boasting a facade that promises longevity with its 25-year shingles and charming vinyl lap siding. The home’s entrance is graced by slit doors that open to a world of warmth and welcome, while the thermopane windows marry style with energy efficiency. Each doorway is illuminated by exterior lights, ensuring a safe and inviting atmosphere at any hour. The home’s energy-saving features are as kind to the environment as they are to your wallet, with comprehensive insulation ensuring a comfortable living space throughout the seasons.

Step Inside to Comfort and Style

As you cross the threshold into “The Scout,” you’ll be enveloped by an interior that radiates comfort and style. The hand-picked wallboards and a thoughtful mix of carpet and linoleum flooring offer a perfect canvas for your personal decor. Practicality meets elegance with flat moldings throughout and vinyl-covered wire closet shelving in each wardrobe. The kitchen awaits your culinary exploits, featuring picture frame cabinet doors and a sleek stainless steel sink, while the bathrooms combine functionality and modernity with Formica countertops and a selection of bath fixtures. In “The Scout,” every detail has been considered to ensure a living experience that is as effortless as it is enchanting.

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