The Allstar Difference

Allstar Manufactured Homes is the reliable option for the best way to buy homes. Our prices are bold and competitive, starting at only $79,900 – you’ll find them right on the windows. We’re upfront and unafraid to showcase our affordability. 

Up Front Pricing

What does Up-Front pricing mean?

What We Quote, You Will Get

Allstar Manufactured Homes handles land-home packages. Want to know what your costs will be? It’s simple, Provide us with some basic information by completing the form on our website and we will email your cost sheet directly do you! It is seriously that simple.

We can offer you financing, including FHA VA financing on request. 

All you have to do next is stop by Allstar Manufactured Housing to inspect your new home! Complete our form and those prices will be on your agreement. When we say up-front pricing, we mean it!

Due to market volatility, prices are subject to change without notice. Call to confirm pricing or contact us via form by clicking here.

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